Oct. 22, 2021

EP100 - The true man is revealed, in difficult times.

EP100 - The true man is revealed, in difficult times.

Good day, my friends. Welcome to A Moment with Moj. Thank you so much for downloading the show. I am so happy that you're here with me today. This is a Moment with Moj Episode Number 100! Thank you so much for joining me along this journey. Remember, I'm going to take a week off after today's show. But I will definitely be back. I believe that as a podcast host when you share the good times, you got to share the bad times as well. And not that this is a bad time, but you guys might remember a couple weeks ago, I said that I had something in the works that could change the direction of my life and get me out of the factory a little sooner than I'd hoped. Found out today that that's not going to happen. And I gotta be honest, it It shook me real hard. But it's at times like these, that we have to fall back on our philosophy. And when these things happen to me and Sparrow, we often ask ourselves, what would Epictetus say? And Epictetus would tell me, "The true man is revealed, in difficult times."