Feb. 8, 2022

EP167 - Believe It Will Work Out

EP167 - Believe It Will Work Out

Good day, my friend. Welcome to A Moment with Moj. Thank you so much for downloading the show. I'm so glad that we're here together again, I hope that you are having a great day. 

I just found out that frequent show guest, Bob Proctor is now vibrating at a higher frequency, he is no longer with us on the physical plane. Thank you for all your great work, Bob and all your inspiration. Journey well, I wish I could have got to seen you live. Maybe next time.

Speakers Corner today and Wayne Dyer joins the show and Dr. Dyer says "If you believe it will work out, you'll see opportunities. If you believe it won't, you will see obstacles."



WEBVTT 1 00:00:13.550 --> 00:00:20.469 Good Day, my friend. Welcome to a moment with modes. Thank you 2 00:00:20.670 --> 00:00:26.859 so much for downloading the show. I'm so glad that we are here together 3 00:00:27.100 --> 00:00:34.020 again. Hope that you were having a great day. I just found out 4 00:00:34.619 --> 00:00:45.649 that frequent show guest Bob proctor is now vibrating at a higher frequency. He 5 00:00:45.850 --> 00:00:51.240 is no longer with us on the physical plane. Thank you for all your 6 00:00:51.359 --> 00:00:56.880 great work, Bob, and all your inspiration journey well, I wish I 7 00:00:56.960 --> 00:01:03.679 could have got to see you alive. Maybe next time. Speaker's Corner Today 8 00:01:03.310 --> 00:01:08.790 and Wayne Dyer joins the show, and Doctor Dyer says, if you believe 9 00:01:10.150 --> 00:01:15.870 it will work out, you'll see opportunities. If you believe it won't, 10 00:01:17.030 --> 00:01:23.700 you will see obstacles. Yesterday I was talking about the evils of facebook and 11 00:01:25.299 --> 00:01:32.060 and doom scrolling, but I got to be totally honest with you. There 12 00:01:32.140 --> 00:01:37.969 are some things about facebook I like. One of them is the little memories 13 00:01:38.090 --> 00:01:45.530 feature. And this is the time of year, as I was recently reminded 14 00:01:47.090 --> 00:01:56.079 that I had to shave off my beard and my mustache so that I could 15 00:01:56.120 --> 00:02:04.430 get fitted for my radiation mask. I was just about to get all my 16 00:02:04.829 --> 00:02:09.629 back teeth pulls out and I know it. It sounds kind of grim right. 17 00:02:12.110 --> 00:02:21.180 However, I was also reminded about being back in the studio recording vocal 18 00:02:21.300 --> 00:02:29.500 tracks for the album that I'm just about to finish. That sweet memory doesn't 19 00:02:29.699 --> 00:02:37.250 happen without that grim. I look back on that year two thousand and eighteen 20 00:02:38.250 --> 00:02:42.289 as the greatest year of my life so far. And just let me add, 21 00:02:43.009 --> 00:02:51.319 the cancer is gone and those songs live on. Fuck cancer, my 22 00:02:51.520 --> 00:02:57.960 friend. We know that the twists and turns are coming. Focusing on and 23 00:02:58.360 --> 00:03:05.669 looking for negatives will only bring that much more that type of energy into your 24 00:03:05.789 --> 00:03:10.710 life. It stresses us out, tenses are muscles in our nerves. It 25 00:03:10.870 --> 00:03:17.699 puts us in fight or flight moment all day long and it takes a lot 26 00:03:17.819 --> 00:03:23.699 of energy and it's tiring and you can't navigate twists and turns that way. 27 00:03:24.900 --> 00:03:30.849 The twists and turns are where the danger is. That's where the risk is. 28 00:03:30.969 --> 00:03:37.330 You have to be at your best when we of a positive outlook, 29 00:03:37.969 --> 00:03:44.800 when we see opportunities instead of obstacles, when we pull all that positive energy 30 00:03:45.000 --> 00:03:51.400 in, we're able to ride out those curves like a Harley hug in the 31 00:03:51.439 --> 00:04:00.310 highway. Calm, competent, relaxed, smooth as silk. That's how we 32 00:04:00.509 --> 00:04:08.110 handle twists and turns. My friend, have confidence in you. Have confidence 33 00:04:08.469 --> 00:04:15.019 in your genius. It always comes down to choices. You can choose to 34 00:04:15.259 --> 00:04:20.459 believe it'll work out, or you can choose to believe that it won't. 35 00:04:21.740 --> 00:04:28.089 I know which one I'm choosing. How about you? Which one you choosing? 36 00:04:29.290 --> 00:04:32.050 CURP a momentum. I'll talk to You Tomorrow