Feb. 22, 2022

EP176 - How Long Are You Going To Wait

EP176 - How Long Are You Going To Wait

Good day, my friend. Welcome to A Moment with Moj. Thank you so much for downloading the show. I am so glad that you are here.

Family Day here in BC., so from everybody here at A Moment with Moj; Sparrow my wife, Big Boy, Little Girl and baby of the family, Watson. We wish your family nothing by love and joy, my friend, hope that you are having a great day.

I had a great day! Had the full intention of putting the show out way earlier, but got a text message from Kris that he was taking his twin daughters for a walk; they're two and a half; would we like to come along? And of course that offer doesn't come up every day, so Sparrow and I jumped in the car and went to go spend the day with Kris and his daughters. The energy that it takes, ooh, it was great fun, but I am wiped out after only a couple of hours. 

Epictetus joins the show and Epictetus tells us, "How long are you going to wait, before you demand the best for yourself?"



WEBVTT 1 00:00:08.630 --> 00:00:15.429 Good Day, my friend. Welcome to a moment with modes. Thank you 2 00:00:15.669 --> 00:00:20.469 so much for downloading the show. I am so glad that you were here 3 00:00:21.859 --> 00:00:28.420 family day here in BC. So from everybody here at a moment with mode, 4 00:00:28.940 --> 00:00:33.380 sparrow, my wife, big boy, little girl and the baby of 5 00:00:33.500 --> 00:00:40.049 the family, Watson, we wish you are a family nothing by love and 6 00:00:40.090 --> 00:00:45.369 enjoy. My friend, hope that you were having a great day. I 7 00:00:45.609 --> 00:00:50.840 had a great day. Had the full intention of putting the show out way 8 00:00:51.079 --> 00:00:56.799 earlier, but got a text message from Chris that he was taken his twin 9 00:00:56.840 --> 00:01:00.079 daughters for a walk there two and a half would we like to come along, 10 00:01:00.600 --> 00:01:06.189 and of course that offered. Doesn't come up every day. So Sparrow 11 00:01:06.230 --> 00:01:10.230 and I jumped in a car and went to go spend the day with Chris 12 00:01:10.390 --> 00:01:15.390 and his daughter's the energy that it takes. WHOO, I tie. I 13 00:01:15.590 --> 00:01:21.420 was great fun, but I am wiped out after only a couple of hours. 14 00:01:22.579 --> 00:01:29.099 EPIC titis joins the show and epic titis tells us, how long are 15 00:01:29.140 --> 00:01:34.930 you going to wait for? You demand the best for yourself. You know, 16 00:01:34.010 --> 00:01:42.290 my friend, a lot of times I preplan a lot of the quotes 17 00:01:42.409 --> 00:01:48.560 that I use for the show, especially on days where I already know the 18 00:01:48.840 --> 00:01:55.040 author of the quote, like today, today's epictitis. So that narrows down 19 00:01:55.560 --> 00:02:00.750 the quote choice and allows me to it allows me to plan a bunch of 20 00:02:00.950 --> 00:02:07.629 Monday shows and it always seems to be a lot of times it's those quotes 21 00:02:08.789 --> 00:02:15.900 that seemed the most opropos when I finally get to them. Such is with 22 00:02:16.379 --> 00:02:23.460 this quote. It was just last night when I was mentioning to my wife 23 00:02:23.460 --> 00:02:30.370 that I have been telling myself for a month to pick up my guitar. 24 00:02:31.009 --> 00:02:42.370 Everything that I've been dreaming relies on one small I'll act playing the guitar, 25 00:02:42.650 --> 00:02:50.800 picking up the guitar and playing the guitar. But why can't I do this 26 00:02:51.319 --> 00:02:55.280 one thing? We all want to be the best that we can be. 27 00:02:57.599 --> 00:03:01.509 I suppose there are a bunch of folks who don't want to be the best 28 00:03:01.590 --> 00:03:07.189 that they could be, but why would they be listening to this show? 29 00:03:08.509 --> 00:03:15.099 Because I assume that you want to be the best that you can be, 30 00:03:15.180 --> 00:03:23.180 because I want to be the best version of me, but I have always 31 00:03:23.860 --> 00:03:32.210 been my own worst enemy. But I started working on this today. It 32 00:03:32.370 --> 00:03:40.210 was a small step, but it's a step nonetheless, one of my great 33 00:03:40.409 --> 00:03:50.960 distractions is video games, and I'll tell myself, actually, it's not me 34 00:03:51.199 --> 00:03:59.509 telling myself, this is the resistance talking to me, telling me just one 35 00:03:59.629 --> 00:04:03.270 game, you deserve it. You worked hard today, you worked hard this 36 00:04:03.469 --> 00:04:10.860 week. Just one game, it's not going to hurt. And then I 37 00:04:11.099 --> 00:04:15.060 reply, yeah, yeah, you're right, just one game, one game, 38 00:04:16.420 --> 00:04:19.660 come on, one game and not, of course, comes with a 39 00:04:19.779 --> 00:04:29.850 restart if I start losing, but just one game. The game finishes and 40 00:04:30.050 --> 00:04:40.319 it shows me that that one game took three hours and fifteen minutes. Now, 41 00:04:40.399 --> 00:04:43.519 my friend, the language is going to get a little strong here, 42 00:04:43.959 --> 00:04:47.600 so if you got little ones with you, I'm warning you know. And 43 00:04:47.759 --> 00:04:55.189 I look at that three hours and then I really start to rip into myself, 44 00:04:55.310 --> 00:05:01.350 I really turn on me and I'll say things like you spend three fucking 45 00:05:01.629 --> 00:05:08.139 hours playing a goddamn video game, but you can't pick up your fucking guitar 46 00:05:08.339 --> 00:05:15.899 for fifteen minutes. Great Fucking Guitar Teacher You'RE gonna be. You got songs 47 00:05:15.019 --> 00:05:20.180 coming out next month that you don't even fucking remember how to play, but 48 00:05:20.339 --> 00:05:29.649 you spend three hours playing a goddamn video game, you fucking idiot. Rant 49 00:05:29.730 --> 00:05:36.879 over. Well, I can tell you that that little ty red does not 50 00:05:39.360 --> 00:05:45.639 motivate me to play the guitar. So today I tried a different tact. 51 00:05:46.600 --> 00:05:54.910 Today, I just asked myself, is this moving you towards becoming the person 52 00:05:55.990 --> 00:06:02.269 that you dream of being? No anger, no judgment. Is what you're 53 00:06:02.310 --> 00:06:11.180 doing right now moving you towards your dream? And I knew that the answer 54 00:06:11.339 --> 00:06:16.500 was no. So I turned off again and I got to work on my 55 00:06:16.620 --> 00:06:25.089 dream, which has changed, because now it's not a dream, now it's 56 00:06:25.089 --> 00:06:30.730 a plan. So I got to work on my plan. If you do 57 00:06:30.009 --> 00:06:36.439 this type of thing to yourself, my friend, realize that it's the resistance. 58 00:06:38.639 --> 00:06:45.560 The resistance is talking, and you me, all of us, we 59 00:06:45.800 --> 00:06:53.110 have to fight the resistance every day, because the resistance doesn't take a day 60 00:06:53.189 --> 00:06:59.350 off. Ask Yourself, is what I'm doing right now, working my plan? 61 00:07:00.230 --> 00:07:03.300 And if the answer is no, you know what you need to do. 62 00:07:04.860 --> 00:07:08.860 You know, we all know. You know what you need to do, 63 00:07:10.139 --> 00:07:14.420 so just do it. Just do it. I wouldn't feel so bad 64 00:07:14.500 --> 00:07:17.889 about playing a little bit of video game if I got my half hour hour 65 00:07:18.050 --> 00:07:24.569 guitar practice in first. You know what you need to do, so just 66 00:07:24.810 --> 00:07:29.569 do it. And if you can't do it all. Just do what you 67 00:07:29.769 --> 00:07:36.160 can in the moment and get that process going. Just do what you can 68 00:07:38.600 --> 00:07:44.470 the best you can Gar pay momentum. I'll talk to You Tomorrow