March 17, 2022

EP194 - Be You

EP194 - Be You

Good day, my friend. Welcome to A Moment with Moj. Thank you so much for downloading the show. I am somewhere over the rainbow, because we get to spend another moment together. 

Thankful Thursday, extra gratitude shout out to Kris and Mike, my boys for helping me so much in getting my new song out and released. 

Also Ladies Day here on A Moment with Moj and Judy Garland joins the show. See wgat I did therr...... Judy Garland joins this show and Judy tells us, "Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else." 

WEBVTT 1 00:00:09.800 --> 00:00:16.879 Good Day, my friend. Welcome to a moment with modes. Thank you 2 00:00:17.079 --> 00:00:26.079 so much for downloading the show. I am somewhere over the rainbow because we 3 00:00:26.519 --> 00:00:36.240 get to spend another moment together. Thankful Thursday. Extra gratitude shout out to 4 00:00:36.399 --> 00:00:40.600 Chris and Mike, my boys, for helping me so much in getting my 5 00:00:40.759 --> 00:00:47.520 new song out and released. Also, Ladies Day, here on a moment 6 00:00:47.600 --> 00:00:52.719 with mode, and Judy Garland joins the show. Huh, see what I 7 00:00:52.759 --> 00:00:59.439 did there? Judy garland joins the show. Judy tells US always be a 8 00:00:59.520 --> 00:01:06.120 first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else. 9 00:01:07.439 --> 00:01:12.159 How many times have you been told when you're weren't sure what to do? 10 00:01:12.959 --> 00:01:19.760 Someone just said to you just be yourself, and how often do we reply? 11 00:01:21.200 --> 00:01:27.799 What do I do for that? Sometimes that seemingly simple advice can be 12 00:01:27.879 --> 00:01:38.760 really difficult to do. Being and knowing yourself can be hard work and it's 13 00:01:38.799 --> 00:01:45.400 a process to get to know that. Until we know who we are, 14 00:01:45.719 --> 00:01:53.480 it can be very easy to follow someone else's path. It's great to model 15 00:01:53.519 --> 00:02:00.680 ourselves after our mentors and role models, but we can't imitate them, we 16 00:02:00.799 --> 00:02:07.840 can't be exactly like them. We still have to be us, and that 17 00:02:08.520 --> 00:02:15.879 is our superpower. The people we look up to and we admire their accomplishments 18 00:02:16.039 --> 00:02:24.960 are unique, special people. Here's the thing. You are unique and special 19 00:02:25.199 --> 00:02:36.960 to you also have unique talents and strengths. You come prepackaged with special gifts. 20 00:02:37.159 --> 00:02:43.719 There is no one else like you and it's a role that only you 21 00:02:44.120 --> 00:02:53.159 can play. Being average and fitting in with the crowd is easy, but 22 00:02:53.240 --> 00:03:00.759 it comes with a cost. It comes with a cost to our soul. 23 00:03:00.319 --> 00:03:08.840 When we try and fit in and be something that we're not, we're dimming 24 00:03:08.879 --> 00:03:15.319 our light and, my friend, you were meant to shine in grace your 25 00:03:15.400 --> 00:03:23.560 weirdness and develop and discover who you truly are, because we need you. 26 00:03:24.280 --> 00:03:34.280 The world needs you to be the best and greatest you that you can be. 27 00:03:35.240 --> 00:03:40.879 That's how we change the world. My friend, carpet momentum, I'll 28 00:03:40.919 --> 00:03:43.599 talk to you tomorrow.